Hi. How are you? 🙂 We’re Mary Lynn and George. Nice to meet you.


We live in a little place called Columbus, Ohio. We’re not fancy chefs. We’re not culinary experts, nor do we have a gourmet kitchen in our home. We’re just two moderately crazy kids, experienced eaters, drinkers, and home cooks that love to Instagram our food a little (a lot) too much. Have you seen this pic on the Internet? Yeah, that’s us. Only we look a little less annoying while doing it.




So we decided to do something about it. We have high aspirations of making amazing things in our kitchen, and then babbling your ears (or face?) off telling you about the ins and outs of our attempts. This blog’s been a long time in the making (you can read the whole story here in the intro post) and we’re excited to share our foodtastic creations and adventures with all y’all. And no, we’re not Southern. Just fans of the word “y’all.”

Our approach isn’t hoity-toity. We’re not going to tell you to buy some crazy expensive ingredients that you’ll only use once, nor will we tell you to attempt some weirdo complicated technique unless we firmly believe that the technique isn’t as crazy complicated as it seems (FlambĂ©, anyone?)! I, Mary Lynn, tend to have a picky palette. I detest vinegar and I have a taste aversion to cheese that’s been haunting me since I was five. George, on the other hand, will eat anything and everything for the most part, so we have a good balance of relatable, attainable, and crowd-pleasing.

We do a decent amount of traveling for our jobs and, let’s face it, we just love trying out new restaurants in general. We’ll be bringing you stories about what we find on those trips and what’s inspiring us. For instance, George had an octopus hot dog awhile back. While I think that sounds incredibly gross, others may find that utterly exciting! On our trip to wine country, we ate the most delicious mussels & clams either of us had ever had. That is definitely something that will find its way to this here blog, recipe attempt and all. (We will not, however, be attempting that octopus hot dog!)

We’d love for you to join us on our culinary adventures! Have any ideas you want us to try? Send them along! The conversation’s a lot more fun when it’s not just the two of us talking! Did we cover everything? Any questions? Anyone? (…Bueller?)


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