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It’s the end of March. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining and makes it seem really warm but you know what? It’s a stupid liar, that sun. It’s back to being cold. What?! WHY?!? I’m getting a little antsy for spring to stick around, just like the rest of you. I was doing fine all winter. Normally I get fed up at the end of January but no, not this year! This year I was holding out just fiiiine. All the snow, all the gray, it wasn’t bothering me one bit. Somehow, I was the only one. It was wonderful. But now that we’ve had little bites of spring—spring-flavored appetizers, if you will—I want the full course. I want warmer days with drinks on a patio, dammit, but I’d be happy to start with a consistent 55° temperature. So in the meantime, I’ll just keep my puffer vest handy while waiting for Al Roker to tell me it’s finally warm outside.

We’re going to try something a little different today. We’re going to talk about something else I really like. Home stuff. Decor. Pretty things.

Who doesn’t like pretty things?

These pretty things just happen to be food related. I really love the idea of sprucing up the kitchen with colorful, quirky prints to bring some personality and warmth into the space. Who said kitchen decor has to be relegated to subway tiles, cutting boards, and fruit bowls?? (Truth: I do love a good subway tile.) The colors of these prints are bright, optimistic, and make me crave a snappy, crisp drink like a gin gimlet or a limey mojito! While I don’t have room in my current kitchen, they might make their way into the dining room at some point. And if they do, I will update you lovely folks with a picture. Will they make their way into your home, too? Scroll to the bottom for the sources.



1. CITRUS PRINT SET | Watersounds Etsy Shop by Sarah Abbott: Don’t you love these graphic fruits? The simple details combined with the flowy curved branches feels elegant and modern while still being fun. The prints in the set are small, but they’re also available as individual, larger pieces, like the lemon print here.

2. WINE ANATOMY PRINT – CHARDONNAY | Anek Etsy Shop: For the winos out there. While chardonnay isn’t necessarily citrus, it can share a flavor palette! Plus, the overlapping shapes and textures are as delicious as the drink.

3. CITRUS PRINT | Rifle Paper Co: Rifle Paper Co. has become quite the little darling in the paper world within the past few years and it’s easy to see why. Their watercolor illustrations are, well, just that—darling. My favorite part of this print is the inclusion of the pink. I’m a sucker for that pretty grapefruit hue!