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*Alternate Title: Here, There, & Everywhere

We’re still here! We’re still here y’all, I promise!!!! I haven’t posted in a very long time. We need a signal or auto post or something for when our lives get consumed. Basically, real life just got a little too cray cray. In the past 2.5 weeks I’ve been in Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, and now some little town in Tennesee (so no, we’re not in Nashville pretending to be Rayna James and Deacon Claybourne/Luke Wheeler/whoever-her-love-interest-is-at-the-moment). Most of the travel has been work-related, but some is for family. And while we still cooked and baked and cocktailed, we just didn’t have any opportunities to edit photos and write posts. AND IT BUMS ME OUT. So here we are. We’re back, we’re alive. Hopefully I’ll have some time to get back to posting. I have one ready that I’ll publish tomorrow.


In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the almost-12 hours I spent in NYC! Some highlights:

• Said hello to my friend, the Flatiron Building (my college internship was in the neighborhood, so I feel like we’re buds).

• Stopped in Dylan’s Candy Bar. Discovered that there is a candy called Fruity Farts. No, that is not a typo. And FYI, they’re just kind of like Nerds, but without the zingy flavor. Think crunchy sugary candy bits.

• Some views from Top of the Rock (i.e. 30 Rockefeller Center, home of NBC).

• While sitting on a patio at a restaurant right next to Rock Center, someone sort of famous popped by. Anyone watch The Today Show? Or other NBC newsy programs? NBC’s Jeff Rossen just happened to meet up w/ a friend who was sitting right next to our table. Totally random. Definitely took a creeper shot. Sorry, Jeff. It’s not every day I see a real life Today Show person (and for the record, George and I watch The Today Show every morning).

• While on that same patio, my travel buddy and I ordered yellowfin steak tacos and sriracha mayo shrimp. Both unexpectedly really darn good. You might see our own version of the shrimp pop-up in the future.

So that’s about it. Expect some baked goodness to go up tomorrow. And in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy a glass of white wine like my good friend Jeff is up above.



Oh hey, what’s that? I’m working on my next post, and I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek. I was hoping to have it up a lot sooner, but I officially came down with The Sick. It seems that everyone at work is sick, and not just “Oh, I have a cold” sick. Like, out for three days, voices are totally not right, eyes are glassy and not good sick. I’ve been having some sinusitis and allergy issues myself for the past week and a half, but I was feeling just fine other than the debilitating headaches. I went to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics for the sinusitis that was slowly festering. I was hoping those antibiotics would keep me in a safety bubble. Well, then George came down with The Sick. He’s traveling tomorrow so I made him to go the doctor, and he’s thankfully getting better. And I have been living in my happy safety bubble the whole time. That is, up until this morning. I woke up and my right nostril was unusually stuffy. Not good. And then it seems that at 7:00ish it hit even more. Nooooooo, please God please let this be a quick passing thing! So anyway, I digress. While I’m sitting here blowing my nose every 6 1/2 minutes, I will hopefully have a post up about these soon. Spoiler alert: if you follow me on Instagram (because you should. I’m @mlpenner519), you totally know what this is by now. Recipe coming soon. Promise.


Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to all the wonderful, exciting, bright things to come in 2014.


Side note on the bubbly: we’re drinking Brut Rosé from Mumm Napa, a souvenir from our trip to Napa Valley at the end of October. According to Mumm, the Brut Rosé “…offers a bouquet of ripe Pinot Noir fruit, rich with black cherry and strawberry notes.” If you head out to California wine country, we HIGHLY recommend going to Mumm. It was a great experience all around. We sat on a gorgeous patio with a great view, and each of us received three very full champagne flutes for our tasting. None of that “Here’s a measly splash that we’re making you pay $25 for while standing at a counter,” kind of thing. No no. And we didn’t even have to upgrade to some sort of extra fancy experience. We just walked in at 11:30 am on a weekday. Awesome!

Tell us: have you visited Napa? What was your favorite winery or experience?





Hi. I’m Mary Lynn. This is George. We’re obsessed with all things food and drink.


It all started in 2012 when we were planning for our May 2013 wedding. We were trying to decide on wedding favors, and were pretty sure we had our hearts set on custom old-fashioned glasses with our wedding logo printed on them. We love a good cocktail (especially Manhattans and Old Fashioneds) so it only seemed appropriate. A cute and practical keepsake that’s not super expensive? And fits our personality? Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Or so we thought. Until my best friend’s wedding and I noticed how many of her favors were left on the tables. Including my own. I forgot about it. There was so much going on that I forgot it was even there online gaming. So that got me thinking… I don’t want us to invest in something like personalized glassware for 130 people, only to find that 90 of them have been left behind. Talk about sad face! And how many of them really want a glass with our wedding logo on it hanging out in their cabinet for years to come? So it was back to the drawing board.

After brainstorming a bunch of ideas, we finally settled on a wedding favor that would be both cost effective (yay), super personal, and something people might actually use and enjoy. And if they’re all left behind, no sweat. So how about a recipe book? A little recipe book, just a few sheets of 8.5×11 paper, folded and cut to a cute little keepsake. Everyone in our lives knows how much we love to cook, eat, and go out to fun and/or fabulous restaurants. They also know how much we love to talk about it and incessantly post our dishes online as if we were photographing our own children (FYI, we have no children). Being graphic designers, we have the skills to create it ourselves, so that was it. A recipe book of our favorite personal recipes. The question was, what do we call it? We couldn’t come up with anything we liked, but we did startgaming making fun of ourselves and our messy, unglamorous kitchen life and our stained aprons. I think George said “Stained Aprons and Strong Drinks” and at first we thought “Meh, too long.” That’s the problem with thinking of something fun and catchy. The length’s got to be right. But after sleeping on it, it’s the title that stuck. It just felt right, because that’s who we are. We’re kind of a mess, with gross aprons that we should probably wash more often (hey, honesty’s the best policy), but we’re always armed with a beverage in our hand when we’re in the kitchen.

After we created the recipe book, we loved idea of continuing that journey through a blog, and that’s where we are today. We would’ve started it sooner, but we had two other weddings to get through after our own. Launching on our 6 month anniversary would’ve been super cool, but that proper organization and planning didn’t dawn on us until 2 days beforehand. Which brings us to a random December launch! It is sure to be a work in progress so bear with us while we learn and grow. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the content we bring your way!

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