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Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to all the wonderful, exciting, bright things to come in 2014.


Side note on the bubbly: we’re drinking Brut Rosé from Mumm Napa, a souvenir from our trip to Napa Valley at the end of October. According to Mumm, the Brut Rosé “…offers a bouquet of ripe Pinot Noir fruit, rich with black cherry and strawberry notes.” If you head out to California wine country, we HIGHLY recommend going to Mumm. It was a great experience all around. We sat on a gorgeous patio with a great view, and each of us received three very full champagne flutes for our tasting. None of that “Here’s a measly splash that we’re making you pay $25 for while standing at a counter,” kind of thing. No no. And we didn’t even have to upgrade to some sort of extra fancy experience. We just walked in at 11:30 am on a weekday. Awesome!

Tell us: have you visited Napa? What was your favorite winery or experience?