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Simple, slightly tangy, so-smooth-and-buttery-they’re-creamy biscuits. Every year for George’s family holiday celebration I’m on bread duty. It started a few years ago when I volunteered to make rolls for a Thanksgiving dinner. They turned out…okay. Everyone seemed to like them but I was feeling pretty “meh.” They were stiff and dense without much flavor. I was hoping for something lighter, fluffier, and just all around better. So I tried a different roll recipe the next year. Now I know people’s opinion on this vary—some people never test a recipe on a group. Some people think it’s a good idea because it’s a way to gather a bunch of opinions at once. I do it simply because I generally just don’t have time otherwise. So anyway. Back to the second recipe I tested. It was also lackluster. Stiff. Dense. Not much flavor. Overall, pretty “meh.”

This year I decided to try biscuits. In an old America’s Test Kitchen email blast was a recipe for sweet potato biscuits that I’ve been saving for a rainy day. Don’t those sound delightful and interesting? That’s exactly what I said to myself. “BOY, that sounds delightful and interesting!” (Okay, maybe not exactly.) I was stoked because I thought I found my next bread for holiday dinners. And this time, THIS TIME, I was actually going to test the recipe first. Amazing, right? Long story short, I made them and was disappointed. Wah, wah (sad trombones!). Like the other bread recipes, they were also lackluster. Am I missing something? Am I just not cut out to make bready things? I’m not okay with that. Read More →